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Our Drones will amaze you with crisp clear videos and photos upto 4k and can fit in your production pipeline regardless of camera used.

The Phantom 2 Quadcopter is the second generation Phantom quad-rotor RC helicopter from DJI and features a larger battery and improved prop design, and flying time that lasts to up to 22 minutes, compared to around 14 minutes on the original DJI Phantom Quadcopter which we also have in stock. This product will appeal to a variety of potential users, from RC aircraft hobbyists who want to record their flights to videographers and photographers looking to open up a whole new range of shooting possibilities. 

Included with this "ready-to-fly" kit is a 6-channel, 2.4 GHz transmitter (TX) that comes pre-bound with the aircraft. It features an operational range extending up to 3,280' line-of-sight, depending on conditions, FPV monitor, directors monitor so you can easily direct the pilot, Flight case for easy transportation to the field, 3 batteries to last you enough time to take your shots and 2 chargers to ensure you never run out of batteries. 

Because of the complexity associated with multi-rotor aircraft, the Naza-M V2 flight control system in the Phantom 2 relies on a GPS-based navigation as well as gimbal, compass, and other data to maintain flight stability and provide other assisted-flying features. That's why we recommend only our operators to assist you on your production

The Zenmuse H3-2D Gimbal is used mount a naked GoPro HERO3+ action camera on the drone which is capable of filming upto 4k - 15fps. For film and television, we recommend 2.7k upto 30p, using protune CAM RAW white balance as footage captured with these settings can easily be graded and matched with your A camera.

Warning: Never use the DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter with your GoPro camera when both devices have their Wi-Fi systems turned on. The DJI Phantom's Wi-Fi and the GoPro camera's Wi-Fi run on the same frequency, so if you use them together when both Wi-Fi systems are engaged, the DJI Phantom's transmitter will lose the ability to communicate with the DJI Phantom Quadcopter. Whenever this happens, you will not be able to tell the Phantom where to fly. This may result in loss of property or damage to the equipment.

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